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I describe Flickr Walkabout like this when I request permission to post an image:

"I include only images from Flickr, and only the most artistic ones I can find, with minimal commentary. It is intended as a showcase of fine imaging art, with all styles and subjects included."

Flickr is a source of high quality images if one looks in the right places. Pro, "semi-pro" and "advanced amateur" artists maintain active sites, and there are many Flickr Groups where work of astounding craftsmanship is displayed.

Images are shown with the permission of the artists--no exceptions--with no Copyright assumed by the blog. The images are imported using Flickr's "Blog This" tool. Blogger and Flickr cooperate to make this part flow easily, with uniform formatting and credit to the artist guaranteed by the process. Each image has links to it's unique Flickr page (click the Title or the image itself) as well as to the member's Flickr Profile (click the Artist's Name).

At least one Category Label is assigned upon posting. The entire list of categories is shown at the top of the right hand column. For those of you who know that a specific type of imaging art interests you, find and click the Label.

The following images are included as examples of what I respond to, and as part the blog's 2 Year Anniversary; the display features images posted over that time.

IMG_9939 (by pravin buddh)
IMG_9939 by pravin buddh.

Lady of the Lake I (by K ~ ~)
Lady of the Lake I by K ~ ~.

Close Enough To Whisper (by Lightchaser)
Close Enough To Whisper by Lightchaser.

~ BIG BIG & SHINY ~ (by ViaMoi)
~ BIG BIG & SHINY ~ by ViaMoi.

Nebbia sul Verbano (by mauroponti)
Nebbia sul Verbano by mauroponti.

Untitled (by Elena Baca)
Untitled by Elena Baca.

Beyond The Mind's Eye (by Gray Flannel Images (Sailing))
Beyond The Mind's Eye by Gray Flannel Images.

Abandoned after rain (by maikondrums)
Abandoned after rain by maikondrums.

Daffodils and Blue Sky
Daffodils and Blue Sky by JeffreyPaul.

Waterfall in Sonsbeekpark Arnhem (by chobecajero)
Waterfall in Sonsbeekpark Arnhem by chobecajero.

They are Acrobats...or Superheroes (by TJ Scott)
They are Acrobats...or Superheroes by TJ Scott.

The Island (3)
The Island (3) by Shuggie!!.

The Ancient Lake (by Lightchaser)
The Ancient Lake by Lightchaser.

Alabama Hills Sunrise-02 (by Bill Wight CA)
Alabama Hills Sunrise-02 by Bill Wight CA.

Solitary Confinement (by Professor Bop)
Solitary Confinement by Professor Bop.

Het Licht (by Jean de la Tête)
Het Licht by Jean de la Tête.

passion power (by DanielaNob)
passion power by DanielaNob.

Eternal sunrise (by Photoma's World)
Eternal sunrise by Photoma's World.

Winter Magic - Yosemite National Park, California (by Darvin Atkeson)
Winter Magic - Yosemite National Park, California by Darvin Atkeson.

Ann Juhi (by betebete)
Ann Juhi by betebete.

Since the very beginning I've been proud to have the support of Manas Dichow. He gave me complete access for blogging as well as the image used in the Flickr notification icon. His work in Fractals has taken the form to the next level. It's one thing plug equations into software.....quite another to be in control of the process. There is a sense of energy in the best of his creations, with a love of color melded with truly fascinating forms. I have given his work a separate category.

Automation (by Manas Dichow)
Automation by Manas Dichow.

Headress (by Manas Dichow)
Headress by Manas Dichow.

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