Sunday, April 6, 2008

HAVE THE HEARTS {photopoem}

Have the hearts involved sealed in the grief;
has sorrow calmed to a pensive stare
as eyes stray down and to the left
when no one cares?
Have these two lovers
done the unthinkable and survived?

If a wish could say it all,
what would their breath offer to the air?
If mist of their voice should freeze as they speak
and shatter in silence
would anyone hear?
If anyone
reached out to help,
what smile would enter where smiles die,
where indrawn breath escapes in sighs
and half-said things they should have said--
where they see the eyes of indifferent death
as real as rolling over one morning
wanting nothing.

©Bill Cross
©William Cross

1 comment:

michelle said...

WOW....You are a marvel Bill......awesome words which have such significance..WOW..well done!!