Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kuwait, Desert's lighthouse [video]

This is a serious effort, with beautiful Kuwait scenes and music that sounds like Persian Pop


Silent Moments said...

This is so beautiful! Perfect music with it. I am glad to see someone other than myself is happy about videos on flickr!

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Thanks for blogging my video :)

You can view it full length in youtube.

The song is an Arab song performed in Classic Arabic (Logha Arabiya Fos'ha)by Tunisian singer Latifa, I ment to make the song's lyrics goes with the each photo (you can find English translation of the lyrics in my blog although it's not as good as the original Arabic), honestly I can't see any link between the music of the song and Persian music.

silent momnets, I like videos in flickr but I hope it's doesn't became "youtube" after awhile.
I want flickr to be classy as it used to be with photos only.