Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feature Article at 52MONOCHROME

The artist behind this image has a blog called 52MONOCHROME. It is a well constructed and thought out site with 2 regular weekly posts with commentary--one of his own images plus a Feature that usually discusses an image by someone eles. Images we have both blogged appear below his fine B&W image "Dead Man's Hand," and can be found using the Label Category:

52MONOCHROME just published a feature article devoted entirely to Flickr Walkabout. I may not be entirely unbiased--but still, why not give it a look?
Click here to see the feature.

Dead Man's Hand
Dead Man's Hand, originally uploaded by The Photography Smith.

Ann Juhi, originally uploaded by betebete.

Galerie Vivienne, originally uploaded by Ganymede2009.

Eternal sunrise, originally uploaded by Photoma's World.

Still Missing Summer II, originally uploaded by K.Arran.

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Warner Smith said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment! Keep up the great work.